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A Chat With the Bella Twins

The WWE’s identical-twin beauties, Brie and Nikki Bella step out of the ring and into Maxim.

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After five years of making heads spin, you two hung up your metal folding chairs this spring. What have you been up to since parting ways with the WWE?
Brie: We’ve been keeping busy! In August you can see us on Ridiculousness on MTV, and in September we’ll be sharing some thoughts about Tim Tebow on the NFL Network. But honestly, the WWE is a huge family, and we look forward to going back.

What made you decide to get into wrestling?
We weren’t even allowed to watch wrestling as kids, but our friends always told us we’d be perfect for it. Then we did Diva Search and saw what it was all about. We were like, “Wait, you get to kick girls’ butts and look hot doing it? This is so our calling!”

Do guys have trouble believing that you’re both Diva champions?
They never believe us! We tell them looks can be deceiving. Next thing you know they’re trying to wrestle us. And we always beat them up.

Growing up, did you ever get into fights over boyfriends?
No, we have different taste. I like ath­letes, and Brie is more into dirty rocker boys. But if I needed to break up with a guy, she would go do it for me, and I’d do the same for her. That’s what we call “twin magic.”

Do you fight over anything?
Umm, work! I mean, we’re like a couple working together.
Brie: And this has been a 28-year marriage, so you can only imagine.

What’s your favorite thing to do together?
We live in San Diego, so on our days off we just lie in the sun, boy-watch, and get happy hour.

During your earlier WWE matches, you pretended to be one person. Have you ever done that in real life?
We did tricks like that all the time, even in college classes.
Brie: But we’ve never done it in the bedroom. We’re Latin, so that’s off-limits!

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