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Where you've seen her:
Since making her acting debut 11 years ago, 29-year-old Eva has racked up 56 appearances in German films and TV. Her most recent notable role was appearing in the February 2005 German Maxim.

Going Deutsch:
The Hamburg native kick-started her career on German TV by hosting children’s shows, then enjoyed roles in comedies and dramas.

Circus freaked:
Our early pick for the fräulein’s best flick of 2005? Der Clown, the story of a vigilante who dons a rubber clown mask and embarks on a vengeance-fueled death match against a gang of gold-stealing criminals. Eva plays an unfortunate, and unbelievably hot, woman taken captive by the freakish hero.

Nudie scene:
"Once, during the production of my show Beach Clique, all the actors ran into the ocean naked because there was phosphorescent plankton in the water. It didn’t turn into an orgy, though."

Eva Habermann

Eva Habermann