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Brazilian Gabriela Dias is an actress, model, and swimsuit designerand she's here to keep your heart warm in these winter months.

We enjoy bikinis. What inspired you to start your swimwear line, G. Dias?
I was always on shoots in swimwear and lingerie, and I wanted to create a brand that was sexy and sophisticated.


That sounds like you! 
There's nothing more powerful than a woman who is confident in what she's wearing. I don't feel hot all the time, but I'm very confident. I'm South Americanfire and passion are a big part of my culture.

What's the hottest photo shoot you've ever done?
I think the ones for G. Dias. It's very sexy to wear a bikini top that shows the sides of the breasts. In America people sometimes hide. But in Brazil it's, like, all about the butt. Having curves is beautiful.


Tell us about the movie you have coming out this year, Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes
They cast me because I look similar to Jessica Biel, who also stars in the movie. Who doesn't want to look like Jessica Biel? She's gorgeous!

What are some of your indulgences?
I love chocolate, my dog, and going to the beach, and I wouldn't be Brazilian if I didn't like dancing. But I don't go out to nightclubs.



So you're not really the party-girl type?
I don't think I'm boring, but I'm not a big party girl because I have too much work. When I go out, it's a treat.

You like to box. How badly can you kick a guy's ass? 
I'm pretty good. Depending on the guy, he could get hurt. But I'm a nice person! I've never been in a real fight.



Do guys use the fact that you're Brazilian as a conversation-starter?
Oh, yes. "I noticed an accent!" But it's OK. When a guy hits on me, it feels good.

Gabriela Dias