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How’s this for a recession-proof résumé? Hannah Simone has moved from working as a model and doing humanitarian work with the United Nations to starring as Zooey Deschanel’s scene-stealing sidekick on the hit Fox sitcom New Girl. And like her street-smart character, Cece, the talented Ms. Simone has the brains to back up her beauty.

Are you excited to be in Maxim?
I’m very excited to be in Maxim. Of course I am! When I got the call, I was so flattered.

Video: Our New Girl: Hannah Simone

So you’re a loyal reader?
When I’m flying I’ll pick it up, and I’ll get the most interesting looks from men. Like, why is a girl buying Maxim to read on the plane? The women always look so beautiful.

We hear you have a degree in international relations and have worked with the U.N. Could we possibly see a Senator Simone sometime soon?
I don’t know! I’m more interested in human­- i­tarian issues than going into politics. I worked as the human rights and refugees officer for the United Nations Association of the U.K., and it’s one of my great passions.

You used to host the show WCG Ultimate Gamer. Do you play games yourself?
I’m a casual gamer­—let’s put it that way. I was there to keep them in line and move the show along. It was really nice to be the authority figure on the show.

You were kind of the enforcer, right?
Right! I loved it. I’d walk on the set and all the contestants would be like, “Oh, God, Hannah’s here. What are we gonna have to do?” I loved that! I’m a pretty nice person, so people don’t usually react to me like that. I was like, Wow! It’s really powerful.

On New Girl you play a model. And you’ve worked as a model. Very important question: Which has more pillow fights, the show’s portrayal of being a model or the real thing?
Well, I’m sorry to say, there have been no pillow fights so far on New Girl, and there were no pillow fights in the modeling industry when I was in it. It’s a shame. I wish there were more exciting feathers flying around.

Video: Our New Girl: Hannah Simone

Has Zooey Deschanel ever hypnotized you with her eyes?
No, but she does have the most angelic, beautiful large eyes. They feel supernatural.

Our favorite line on the show so far is when you threaten to “crazy-murder” somebody. What is crazy-murder, exactly?
I think the original line was, “I’m gonna come over and use a tiny ax and shove a plant up your ass.” I just think it means you’re not gonna go down easy, you know? There will be pain and weirdness involved.

You play a pretty tough character. Did you prepare for the role by hanging out with gangs of roughnecks?
I run my own gang! So I just take inspiration from my own life. No, I didn’t hang out with any gangs, but I think I’m pretty street-smart. I’m the best friend who gets called when people get caught in trouble. They know that if you call Hannah, she’ll be there for you—no judgment.

What’s the worst pickup line you’ve gotten?
I was at a party, and this guy taps me on the shoulder and goes, “I got you a lychee martini—an exotic drink for an exotic-looking girl.” I knocked the drink back and left.


Hometown: Los Angeles

Birthday: August 3

“World’s meanest cat. My animal has hospitalized people. And I still have him.”

“To snap my fingers and be in another place. My family lives all over, so it would be the best.”

“Please keep your mouth shut when you’re chewing.”

“Hugh Laurie. I grew up watching him as a young, dashing comedian from England, and I thought he was so great and awkward and funny.”


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