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If these sexy Hollywood starlets should ever need a body double, we've got the girls for the job.

Hometown Hottie: Rachel (Astoria, NY), Celebrity: Jennifer Love Hewitt-

Jennifer Love Hewitt has been making us spend dough on movies since the days of I Know What You Did Last Summer, and let's just say we Can't Hardly Wait to study the uncanny similarities between her and Hometown Hottie Rachel.

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Hometown Hottie: Andrea (Riverside, CA), Celebrity: Alyssa Milano-

We think the Charmed star is perfect, but if she were ever to need a gym buddy she could enlist her look-alike Andrea, who is a personal trainer. How hot would that training session be?

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Celebrity: Paris Hilton<br>Hometown Hottie: Nicole (Coral Springs, FL)-

Though much can be said of the billionaire princess, one thing has been clear since she first hit the celebrity scene—she's hot. And with Nicole admitting to skinny-dipping in a public pool at 2 in the afternoon, maybe she's got more in common with Paris than just looks.

Hometown Hottie: Elizabeth (Hollywood, FL), Celebrity: Garcelle Beauvais-

If Garcelle Beauvais made you want to commit a crime just for the chance to be cross examined by her spicy lawyer character on NYPD Blue, resist temptation because you can reminisce about the power babe via an equally drool-worthy model/actress stand-in, Hometown Hottie Elizabeth.

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Celebrity: Blake Lively<br>Hometown Hottie: Sarah (Novi, MI)-

Lively may have starred in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but according to Sarah's profile interview, she'd prefer The Sisterhood of the Traveling Boy Shorts. Now that we would go see!

Celebrity: Penelope Cruz <br>Hometown Hottie: Patricia (Islip, NY)-

Until Ms. Cruz blows our minds by making out with Scarlett Johansson in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, we'll be happily biding our time by ogling these steamy photos of her dead ringer Patricia. In fact, the sultry New Yorker might even outshine her famous counterpart for two simple reasons: She has full command of the English language and she never dated Tom Cruise.

Celebrity: Tiffani Amber Thiessen <br>Hometown Hottie: Crystal (Chiefland, FL)-

We've been yearning for the return of our childhood dream girl Kelly Kapowski ever since Saved by the Bell got canceled. And it seems that after years spent getting all Weird Science–y on the computer and trying to create the perfect reincarnation, our labors have been rewarded with spot-on Tiffani Amber Thiessen look-alike Crystal.

Celebrity: Eva Longoria <br>Hometown Hottie: Michelle (West Linn, OR)-

Besides fulfilling our Eva Longoria fantasy (why do you think we still mow suburban housewives' lawns on weekends?), Michelle also worked as Princess Jasmine at Disney World. So, um, yeah, she's got our Aladdin cartoon fetish taken care of as well.

Celebrity: Jessica Biel <br>Hometown Hottie: Jennipher (Pocatello, ID)-

You'd think the similarities between Jessica and Jennipher might start at the gorgeous face, move onto the knockout body, and end at the three-syllable first name. But when it comes to Hometown Hotties, we do our in-depth research, folks! Like Jessica, stunner Jennipher is a self-proclaimed tomboy, looking equally fit in a tank top and boy shorts as she does in a cocktail dress.

Celebrity: Alicia Keys <br>Hometown Hottie: Megan (Ottawa, ON)-

Sure, sexy soul singer Keys is pretty adept at tickling the ivories, but her Hottie look-alike Megan tickles our fancy with a bangin' bikini body and tales of ice fishing hut hookups. Who knew they made Canadians this feisty?

Hometown Hottie: Lindsay (Buffalo, NY), Celebrity: Audrina Patridge-

The sexy, sun-kissed star of The Hills may always seem tangled in a web of reality TV drama—who likes a good cat fight?—but her hometown look-alike, Lindsay, would rather rough house with the guys in a game of football. We hope that's a game of touch football!

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Hometown Hottie: Dasa (Houston, TX), Celebrity: Bai Ling-

Wildantics and clothing choices aside, Ling's Entourage sex scene is burned into our minds. Even sexier: Ling's dead ringer Dasa has had a sexscapdes history of her own—at the office! This rule-breaking Texan also has mad hula hooping skills. Can you say "I challenge you to a hula-off!"?

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Hometown Hottie: Bethany (Wausau, WI), Celebrity: Anna Faris-

The House Bunny funny lady Anna Faris knows how to make a guy laugh and hungry for more with her stint in Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. Good thing we can calm our hunger pangs with a side of look-alike Bethany.

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Hometown Hottie: Barbara (San Diego, CA), Celebrity: Lacey Chabert-

It's hard not to have a soft spot for the sexiest Mean Girl we've ever laid eyes on, and it seems like Lacey Chabert has a lot more in common with her possible body double Barbra than meets the eye: Chabert is in movies and the California girl likes to get down at the movies. Sounds like a box office hit to us!

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Hometown Hottie: Nicolette (Stevens Point, WI), Celebrity: Anna Kournikova-

Russia's sexiest and most skilled tennis pro has more in common with her Wisconsin-bred Hometown Hotties look-alike than bronzed skin and blond locks, they both boast flexibility on the tennis court and dance floor.

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Hometown Hottie: Nabila (Lancaster, PA), Celebrity: Camila Alves-

A beauty of an exotic background—she's Puerto Rican, French and Saudi Arabian!—Nabila has a startlingly hot resemblance to the Brazilian model MILF.

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Hometown Hottie: Lauryn (Los Angeles, CA), Celebrity: Julia Roberts-

Lauryn's megawatt smile seems like an exact replica of America's sexiest sweethearts'. We bet if she were a romantic comedy movie star she'd make us tear up from the overload of big screen hotness. Wait, what? Men don't weep!

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Hometown Hottie: Valerie (Russellville, TN), Celebrity: Dita Von Teese-

Dita Von Teese can get any guy's undivided attention with her red-hot lips and famous burlesque moves, but her lingerie-loving look-alike gets attention with her dirt bike-riding tricks. She's hot and dirty!

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Hometown Hottie: Crystal (Long Beach, CA), Celebrity: Mandy Moore-

Mandy Moore sure knows how to sing her way into our "hot girl" radar, and lucky for us the sultry talent doesn't end there: her Hometown Hotties look-alike, Crystal, knows how set off radar detectors with go-go dancing.

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