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What's better than hot girls who enjoy drinking cheap beer? Nothing, that's what. Check out Maxim's list of The 19 Best Dive Bars in America

Brittney Alger

La Descarga
Los Angeles, CA
"It's a speakeasy Cuban bar with live bands, burlesque dancers, and many other surprises!" 

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Dominique Storelli-

The Treasure Trove
Fort Lauderdale, FL
"Rocking live music and rum punches...Bartenders serve you with a smile and a stiff cocktail."

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Ashley Michaelsen-

New York, NY
"I danced on the bar to 'Pour Some Sugar on Me,' which I've wanted to do ever since Coyote Ugly."

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Bobbie Grei-

Brooklyn Stable
Brooklyn, NY
"Last time I was there, they had a hip-hop-oldies pj party. We had a big pillow fight on the street!"

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Caitlin O'Connor-

Titlow Tavern & Grille
Uniontown, PA
"Everybody knows Betty behind the bar, since she's been working at Titlow for about 30 years!"

[See Caitlin's Gallery.]

Jordan Wright-

Squeeze Inn
Denver, CO
"From the wood-faced beer fridges to the grimy checkered tile, this place screams old charm."

[See Jordan's Gallery.]

Lauren Woodsum-

Stress Free Moose
Greenville, ME
"The food is good and cheap, and where else can you get a shot called Moose Piss?"

[See Lauren's Gallery.]

Check out Maxim's list of The 19 Best Dive Bars in America

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