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Interview: Smokin' Hot Action Star Adrianne Palicki

The GI Joe: Retaliation stunner on why you should watch her kick some bad-guy ass as weapons specialist Lady Jaye. Knowing is half the battle...

Photo by Nino Munoz

She ain’t afraid to bleed.
“It looks better when you do your own stunts, because seeing somebody’s face when they’re doing them is fun for the audience. So I did my own till my double was like, ‘I’ll do this one, because I don’t want you to die.’ ”
She was born to be an action star. 
“My favorite action movie growing up was Supergirl. It wasn’t good by any stretch of the imagination, but it was my favorite because I wanted to be her. I have a Supergirl tattoo.” 
She might burn your junk.
“My costar D.J. Cotrona—he plays Flint—was standing a little too close to me when I was shooting off a round. Right after we cut, he’s like, ‘Oh, my God!’ Somehow the slug ricocheted, hit him, and went down his shirt. Those things are piping hot, and it went all the way down to his underwear and burned his dick.

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