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Jennifer Akerman

Malin’s model-singer little sister proves that talent—and pantslessness—runs in the family.

Photographed by Jacob Dekat | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

Considering you and Malin are sisters, is it safe to assume that your parents are ridiculously attractive? 
My dad is pretty lucky. He’s been married to two beautiful women—Malin’s mom and then my mom. I guess Malin and I got the best of both of them. 

You were born and bred in Sweden. What’s the most Swedish thing about you?
Swedish girls are really independent and strong, and I’m that way. When I date American guys, they want to take care of you all the time—take you to dinner and pay for your food—but I like to take care of myself. 

Besides being a cheap date, you’re also a singer in the duo Jaxx. Tell us about it.
It’s very indie rock, indie pop. Our music has a really good vibe; you feel something when you listen to it. 

Is your song “Kiss Master” about your own smooching abilities?
It’s about when you look at someone’s lips and imagine what it would be like to kiss them. I’m pretty picky when it comes to kissing, and I would say I’m pretty good at it.

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