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Katrina Law plays a slave turned freedom fighter on Spartacus: Vengeance. Friends, Romans, countrymen: Lend us your eyes! 

Did you have fun at your first Maxim shoot?
I did! I don’t usually think of myself as “the sexy girl,” so there was a lot of laughing going on.

Are we going to see more of your Spartacus character, Mira, in Season 2?
Physically speaking, I don’t think there’s anything left to see! You’d have to go into a different genre of film for that. But you will get to know a different side of her—let’s put it that way. She is going to be a bit of a badass this year.

Did you have to do any intense physical training?
I did the gladiator boot camp with the boys, and it kicked my butt. I don’t think I could walk for four days. I also did sword, dagger, and bow-and-arrow training.

How do you spend your time when you’re not fighting for your life?
I can’t cook. So if anybody needs that in their dream woman, I’m not her. Oh, you know what I can do? I make tiny clay animal figurines! Last year the Vanguard Nation battalion in Iraq requested them, so I sent them my pigs. They took them into the helicopter, through the streets of Baghdad, and to shooting practice.

There’s a lot of nudity on Spartacus. Do you ever feel shy about showing your body?
It does make me a bit self-conscious, because you’re putting yourself out there. But my full-on frontal? I gotta tell you I feel like a badass for doing it. Some actresses out there are like, “Oh, don’t ever do nudity,” but I’m proud of my body.

What’s the quickest way to get you in the mood?
Give me a massage.

That was a fast answer!
Oh, it’s on. If you give me a massage, it’s on.

VIDEO: Blood, Guts and Spartacus

Katrina Law