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What’s your perfect date?
It depends on the company. I do love piano bars.

What if we’re the ones playing?
I’d love it! I’ve got a crush on Harry Connick Jr. I performed with him, and I couldn’t even say hello. There’s something sexy about a guy who can sing.

Your DWTS partner, David Arquette, wears crazy outfits. Do you like that?
I love dressing up. I have a dress-up closet at home when I have dinner parties. It has tutus and feather boas and hats and stuff.

Last season you won DWTS with your partner, Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward. Does it hurt our chances if we aren’t Pittsburgh fans?
No, but I definitely am, so we’ll be watching football, and there’ll be a few battles over who we want to win.

Is there anyone on DWTS you’d go on a date with?
You don’t think about that with your partners. You’re so focused on working.

So getting a date with you means not being on the show?
Probably. But if James Blake did the show, I’d want to go on a date with him. Or George Clooney.

Birthday: August 4, 1976

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Current Role: David Arquette’s DWTS partner.

Last Meal: “My mom’s roast dinner: baked potatoes, roast lamb, vegetables. Very Australian.”

Favorite Body Part: “My pinkies, which are very, very small but cute.”

Forget the texts: “Pick up the phone and call.”

Must Love Dogs: “I love all animals.”

Well-Traveled, Badly Behaved: “Monte Carlo is the kind of place where you get yourself in trouble.”

Follow her:
Get the inside scoop at @kym_johnson.

Want to get Kym on the phone?
You can, if you text MAXIM to 50501. (That’s a free wallpaper, not a phone date. Sorry.)Standard data and messaging rates may apply

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That might upset your former DWTS costar Elisabetta Canalis…
Oh, yeah. I didn’t think about that!

You’ve been on Mark Cuban’s jet. Is there anything a normal guy could possibly do to impress you after that?
Definitely! I’ve just been so lucky with all the dance partners I’ve had. Flying on Mark Cuban’s jet was ridiculous. Then Donny Osmond had a plane, too. I was actually copilot. We used to fly back and forth to Vegas, and I sat with the pilot.

Would you be able to crash-land a plane if you had to?
No. But if push came to shove, I’d make a damn good effort.

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