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Valentine’s Day and the color red are inextricably linked. Unlike these red-hot girls and their outer garments.

Veronica Varekova-

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Check her out on our 2006 Hot 100.


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Lisa Martinaglia-

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Rachelle Leah-

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Amber Lancaster-

VIDEO: Amber Lancaster

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Olivia Munn-

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Monika Kramlik-

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Chandra West-

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Kate Koth-

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Gillian LeBrun-

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Eliza Dushku-

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Alissa Scharfer-

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Ashley Massaro-

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Martina Andrews-

VIDEO: Hotties 2004: Martina

VIDEO: hotties 2004: Home Videos

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Kirsten Dunst-

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Dita Von Teese-

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Stacie Burns-

VIDEO: Hotties 2004: Stacie

VIDEO: Hottie Home Movie: Stacie

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Anna Azarova-

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Haylie Duff-

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Cindy Taylor-

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Julie Berry-

VIDEO: Julie Berry
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Melissa Howard-

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Helen Tucker-

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Rebecca Semeraro-

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Bree Turner-

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Bobbi Sue Luther-

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Jennifer Korbin-

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Olga Kurylenko-

VIDEO: Olga Kurylenko Throws off her Bonds
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Gabrielle Union-

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Bali Rodriguez-

VIDEO: Swimsuit Special 2005: Bali Rodriguez
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Rachael Cornwell-

See Rachael's gallery, and check out her Hometown Hotties Finalist video.

Ladies in Red (Oh, and Pink)