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Before she puts the bikini back in the closet, the lovely Leticia Cline decided to celebrate Labor Day the Maxim way.

One Sharky Summer
Leticia: The whole summer has been crazy. One thing that stands out is swimming with sharks in the Bahamas while holding a bloody Mahi. There was no cage; just me in a bikini in the water with 20 of those big guys swimming around. It was a shoot for a boating magazine. I'll do anything for a good shot.

No Day Off For Her
I’ll spend Labor Day shooting bikini stuff on the beach. It's really more fun in the sun than work. I love my job.  

Not All Jobs Are Sunny
I've had a lot of jobs but selling timeshare sucked. I would rather remove my mother's NuvaRing then do that again.

It’s Always Summer
I live in Florida. It's too hot for clothes, I feel like I've been naked for months!  

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn
Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love dressing up in costumes. I really do.

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Leticia Cline’s Patriotic Farewell to Summer