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Maxim Australia Model Lauryn Eagle

Get knocked out by the gorgeous boxer!

Photographed for Maxim Australian by Wayne Daniels

What’s a typical day for you in terms of fitness?
I normally train in the morning, doing boxing or yoga. I used to be a fanatic and train two to four hours per day.
We bet you’re still pretty competitive.
Look, I’ve smashed tennis rackets before. It’s irrational. I have to win.
You recently launched a fitness boot camp. Are you a tough trainer?
I’m nice, but I’ll still push you to your limits!

Photographed for Maxim Australian by Wayne Daniels
The Aussie tabloids track your every move. Ever tempted to throw a right hook?
Some people just see the crazy, party side of me and not my fun, laid-back persona, which is what I’m really all about. 
Lastly, do you twerk?
I don’t twerk, but I’m a fan of Kate Upton, and watching her inspired me to learn the Cat Daddy.

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