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Do we have to worry about Ron Artest, er, Metta World Peace, kicking our ass?
No, since we did the Sports Illustrated shoot together, there's been a misconception that he's my crush or that I'm only into basketball players. I'd actually prefer a guy who wasn't in the spotlight.

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Perfect. So where can we take you?
I love Newport Beach. It's got a totally different vibe than L.A., just beautiful and romantic. But if we could go anywhere, I'd say St. Tropez. I've never been, so if a guy took me there I would just lose it!

Your family is Turkish. Would it be corny for us to take you out for some traditional food?
Since my mom cooks a lot, it's hard to impress me with that, unless it's really authentic. Guys have tried that move with me, and after dinner I've been like, "That was some great Greek food!"

As an L.A. native, how would you feel about going to a Lakers game?
That is so cliche, but it's fun. Actually, it's kind of a tradition for guys to take a girl to a Lakers game if they're serious about her, because it means they want to make it public.

So that's, like a 10th date. What can we do to ensure we get that far?
I like a guy who pays attention to hints I give about my likes and dislikes. Then if he delivers without making a big deal out of it, that's a definite second date. Listen and deliver, that's my tag line.

What's the worst date you've ever been on?
Once a guy picked me up in a really fancy car and took me to a fancy restaurant. We walk in, and it turns out his roommate was there and my date had borrowed his car without telling him! It was humiliating for both of us.

Our mom said it was cool if we borrowed her car. Do we get a goodnight kiss?
If there's a connection and it's spontaneous, then maybe...but I don't do the cheesy at-the-door kiss.

Status Update
Birthday: November 4
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Celebrity Crush: Jude Law. "We made eye contact once so I like to think it's a missed connection."
Go-to Drink: Grey Goose, soda, and lime
Favorite Movie: Meet Joe Black
Embarrassing iPod Song: "Respect" by Aretha Franklin. People always laugh when it comes on."
Secret Talent: "Baking. I put a lot of love into my food, so it's something you gotta earn."

Natalin Avci