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Showtime’s creepy new series LOOK—based on Adam Rifkin’s 2007 film of the same name—takes a peek into five intersecting lives through the lenses of security cameras, cell phones, and all the other recording devices we forget are watching us. Something you’ll never forget? Seeing the stunning Ali Cobrin for the first time.

Tell us about your character on LOOK.
She’s a 17-year-old high school girl who’s still a little innocent and naive. I befriend the most popular girl in school, who’s the typical bitchy mean girl, and her first mission is to get me to lose my virginity.

Has being on LOOK made you more aware of prying cameras?
It’s fun to be riding in an elevator and spot the camera and wave. Just the other day I was talking to the security guard in my building, and he said they actually had to disable the elevator cameras. It was getting a bit too…racy in there.

People were just boning?
Apparently. I guess it was too hardcore.

You went to a performing arts school. Do you go for the artistic type?
My type isn’t the most masculine. My boyfriends in high school were, like, ballerinas and actors. Maybe I’ll date a football player next to mix it up.

Wait, male ballerinas are still called...ballerinas?
Yeah, they are. Most would refer to themselves as dancers. But, you know, a real man isn’t ashamed that he’s a ballerina. He would just call himself a ballerina.

You just turned 21. Have you been going out like crazy?
It wasn’t that difficult before I was 21—except in Vegas! I went there with some guy friends, and at night I couldn’t do anything.

You couldn’t do anything?
Well, I did a bikini contest at the pool at Planet Hollywood. I didn’t even win! There were girls making out with each other and pouring beer on themselves.

That’s exactly the kind of thing someone would record and put on online.
Totally! That stuff is definitely on YouTube. I would bet on it.

LOOK airs at midnight on Sunday nights on Showtime. 

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