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Lebanon, Oregon

What's so great about Lebanon? "Every year we have the Strawberry Festival—the world's largest strawberry shortcake is the size of a truck bed."
Day job: Bartender
Favorite team: Anaheim Angels
Best place to make out: "On top of Peterson's Butte. During the day you see farms forming a patchwork quilt. At night you can see stars and every town for 50 miles."
Ever skinny-dipped in a neighbor's pool? "No one has pools in Oregon, but I got my first kiss playing spin the bottle in a hot tub."
Best music venue: "The Oregon Jamboree, a country music festival, takes place right outside Lebanon. I went this year and did a little swing-dancing to Alan Jackson!"

She may look like a Hollywood diva, but Rebecca works harder than J.Lo for a fraction of the dough. This Beaver State babe grew up baling hay on a farm, with the occasional live crab running around the house, courtesy of her fisherman father.

Armed with a journalism degree, this "tomboy," who plays soccer and bodysurfs, is finishing up a book on baseball (she's a one-time member of the ninth-best softball team in the world). "Women in California pay hundreds of dollars for that hair," gushed our usually stoic hairdresser. Our gift to you? A look at her hair and then some for a measly $4.99.

Rebecca Newell

Rebecca Newell

Rebecca Newell

Rebecca Newell - 2003 Hometown Hottie