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What’s better than a Vergara babe? Two of them! Turns out Holly­wood’s newest South American stunner is Modern Family star Sofia’s little sister. And now, with a red-hot role in this month’s Fright Night re­make, Sandra’s about to make a splash of her own.
by Stephanie Radvan

Pick up the September issue of Maxim on newsstands.

Congrats on Fright Night!

Thanks! When I moved here I was doing special-effects makeup and studying at UCLA, but I always wanted to be an actress.

Tell us about your role.
My character, Ginger, is spicy and cynical and always arguing with her boyfriend, calling him a douchebag or an ass-wipe.

Wow, are you so cruel to your suitors in real life?
Not at all! It’s difficult for me to be mean to anyone, even if they are rude. I have a trick to deal with random catcalls and pick-up lines: I just say, “Thank you,” and walk away.


Did your sister give you any advice for getting by in L.A.?
We lived together for four years, but now she’s in her prime and I’m doing my thing. I did learn about American guys by watching her date, though.

Did your sister’s dates make a good impression?
The men in L.A. are vain, but I love New Yorkers—they’re real. I prefer Amer­ican guys to Colombian men, who are just a lot of talk and players.

So how can a fella sweep you off your feet?
If he’s attractive and has game, I’d love if a guy just grabbed me by the arm and said, “Let’s take a walk.” I’d respect that.


From: Barranquilla, Colombia

Birthday: September 11

Favorite Horror Movie: Ringu. “It’s the original Japanese version of The Ring.”

Worst Pick-Up Line: “I got, ‘You’re so hot you gave me a tan.’ It was pathetic.”

Best Body Part: “I’m very proud of my ass.”

Go-To Drink: “A dark ’n’ stormy, but it’ll give you a hell of a hangover.”

Guilty Pleasure: “Just good old-fashioned porn.”

Pick up the September issue of Maxim on newsstands.

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