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The giggle-maker of VH1’s sketch comedy show Stevie TV is out to bludgeon your funny bone.

Hometown: Victorville, Calif.   
Job: Actress
Astrological sign: Gemini

Three things I can’t live without: 
1. Your mom  
2. My doggies  
3. Tums 

I’d be embarrassed if you looked in my car and saw my...
Huge pack of old people bed pads. (They're cheaper than doggy wee pads.)

The last thing that made me LMAO was...
Jose Canseco's Twitter feed.

My hidden talent is...
Attracting weirdos wherever I go.

My spirit animal is...
Gary Busey.

If I named a sandwich after myself, I would call it...
Just the Tip and it would be asparagus tips, eggplant, and goat cheese on toasted bread.

The worst word in the universe is...
"Conversate." It's CONVERSE!

A guy is more likely to get lucky with me if he...
Drives a Segway.

My favorite way to get in trouble is...
Smoking pot behind the middle school.

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"Stevie TV" Star Stevie Ryan