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These nine gorgeous actresses are burning up the screen this summer.

Liv Tyler-

As Bruce Banner’s main squeeze in the smash Incredible Hulk, Liv puts up with more than most girlfriends: Her boyfriend is either a moody nerd or a 15-foot-tall guy always tearing out of the pants she bought him for Christmas. Her devotion—not to mention her incredibly pouty, perfect lips—has won our hearts. Welcome back, Liv!
Breakout moment: We wish a full 20 minutes of this movie were devoted to the scene that finds Liv dashing through the streets in the rain in a clingy white shirt. Are you listening, DVD-extra people?

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Katharine McPhee-

She charmed us with her voice as the most desirable American Idol runner-up since Clay Aiken, and now—one hit solo record and a nod as one of People’s “100 Most Beautiful” later—Katharine is stretching her acting skills to the max by playing a frumpy, socially maladjusted sorority sister who gets a much-needed makeover in The House Bunny.
Breakout moment: Walking arm in arm with the reformed, and now gorgeous, ladies of Zeta House, McPhee steals the scene—and announces a big screen presence that’s built to last.

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Emmanuelle Chriqui-

You probably know her as E’s smoking-hot on-again, off-again girlfriend Sloan on Entourage, but this natural beauty is currently mounting a major assault on the silver screen. Besides her star-making role oppo­site Adam Sandler in You Don’t Mess With the Zohan, Emmanuelle lights up the screen in three more movies set to open by year’s end. Get ready to log some serious time at the multiplex.
Breakout moment: Why couldn’t we be the ones sharing a romantic picnic with the stunning Emmanuelle instead of Sandler’s idiotic Israeli?

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Zooey Deschanel-

Watch your back, Scarlett Johansson! This supercute star of The Happening is quickly becoming the thinking man’s sex symbol of choice. Whether it’s her roles in a landslide of movies (Yes Man, opposite Jim Carrey, is one of six flicks Zooey has in the works) or as one half of the indie-rock duo She & Him, she’s an undeniably hot property.
Breakout moment: We won’t spill any spoilers in case you missed M. Night’s latest, but at the end of The Happening, a sexily terrified Zooey risks her life to share an intense minute with hubby Mark Wahlberg.

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Selma Blair-

The pint-size knockout has fearlessly portrayed everything from a bi-curious debutante (Cruel Intentions) to an emasculating bride (In Good Company), but she really lit a fire with fanboys as a pyro-telekinetic sidekick to a hulking red demon in 2004’s surprise action-fantasy hit Hellboy.
Breakout moment: In Hellboy II: The Golden Army, when she tells that horny devil not to call her “babe,” Selma shows us she’s strong and sexy.

Leonor Varela-

This daughter of an accomplished Chilean biologist has Dad’s smarts (she speaks five languages) and the looks of a sultry siren. After eye-catching roles on Arrested Development and in Blade II, Leonor makes a big impact as the fiery Nada in this month’s Hell Ride, the Quentin Tarantino–produced throwback that promises to do for ’60s biker flicks what Grindhouse did for gross-out B movies. “It’s a lot of fun—guys riding around on bikes, girls running around naked,” she says. “I’ve actually never played such a sensual character.”
Breakout moment: The scene in Hell Ride in which Nada, who owns a biker bar where the main character, Pistolero, goes for information, does some interesting bartering. “She has information Pistolero wants, but she wants to have sex with him,” says Leonor, “so this battle ensues over who gets what. I keep revealing more skin and hiking up my skirt to entice him to come over.”
See you on the ticket line!

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Maggie Gyllenhaal-

Some actresses might not want to jump into a role originated by Katie Holmes, but Maggie, heretofore better known for sexed-up art house fare such as Secretary, couldn’t resist the superhero blockbuster lure of The Dark Knight. And we’re finding it impossible to resist her as Gotham’s best-looking assistant district attorney.
Breakout moment: Maggie’s Dark Knight character, Rachel Dawes, proves she’s got the spunk to match her killer looks when she socks the Joker in the gut during a fancy society soiree.

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Mila Kunis-

Forgetting Sarah Marshall has plenty of laughs, but it really puts the audience’s suspension of disbelief to the test. Clearly, Jason Segel’s character would have forgotten all about his ex the moment he laid eyes on Mila playing the world’s most unlikely hotel clerk. She was always adorable as Jackie on That ’70s Show, but the Apatow-ized rom-com shows the world she’s grown into a world-class looker.
Breakout moment: It’s hard to pick just one of Mila’s Sarah Marshall scenes as our favorite, but we can’t help falling in love with her as she gazes at her doofy suitor belting out a number from his Dracula musical.

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Leslie Bibb-

Even Iron Man Tony Stark was powerless to resist this bombshell, previously best known as Ricky Bobby’s wife in Talladega Nights. As a mysteriously hot Vanity Fair political reporter willing to do anything to get the scoop, Leslie makes us regret dropping out of journalism school.
Breakout moment: Stark wants nothing to do with the sleepy-eyed Leslie after their—ehem—"exclusive interview."

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