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They look as natural posing in their skivvies as they do shredding, carving, free-falling, and throwing tricks. Here are the sexiest girls in eight events.

Roberta Mancino, Skydiving- A note to the prissy: Fearless gals are damn sexy. With over 4,000 death-defying jumps to her name, Italy's olive-skinned skydiver Roberta Mancino is no daddy's girl. And that she's plummeted in the buff on three of those jumps sends this adrenaline addict/exhibitionist straight into our red zone.

Erica Hosseini, Surfing- A tomboy with a fiendish competitive drive, the Californian finished second in her first pro event, an unprecedented accomplishment for any surfer, regardless of gender. Since then, it's been nothing but competitions won and days spent on the beach tanning every inch of her stunning 5'9" frame.

Andrea Fountain, Wakeboarding- New Zealanders really are a different breed; from bungee-jumping pioneers to rock-climbing hobbits, they've set the bar high on extreme sports. Kiwi wakeboarder Andrea Fountain is no different, hucking 540s over choppy water, winning five national titles, and earning a bronze medal in the 2005 world championships.

Liz Hatch, Cycling- This sexy cyclist has ripped up races from the sun-soaked roads of South Florida to the highest mountain passes of Europe. When she rolled into our offices, stripped down, and greased up for her photo shoot, we wondered why we'd wasted seven years watching Lance Armstrong pedal his spandex through France.

See more of Liz: Photos | Video

Niki Gudex, Mountain Biking- While most racers specialize in one of mountain biking's myriad disciplines, pouty-lipped Aussie Niki Gudex does it all: She's won Australia's national championships in downhill and cross-country, and this year finished ninth at the All Mountain World Championships.

See her exclusive Maxim video.

Lauren Perkins, Skateboarding- We always eschewed the skate park in favor of the PlayStation. Of course, we didn't know this curly cutie was down there, launching and grinding like one of the guys (minus the embarrassing boners). Over the last few years, Lauren has kept herself busy stunt-doubling in the flick Grind, dominating street competitions, and being the first girl to grace the cover of SG Magazine.

Kristi Leskinen, Freeskiing- It comes as a nice surprise to learn that, underneath all her ski gear, X Games superpipe shredder Kristi Leskinen has a flat-out banging body. Did we mention she also pulls off Rodeo 720s (that's, ummm, two linked, inverted 360s) with aplomb. Consider our cold hearts fully melted.

Chanelle Sladics, Snowboarding- This SoCal stunner won the Triple Threat title at 2007's Boardfest, taking both the snowboarding and skating crowns, while placing high enough in surfing to earn overall honors. Later that year, she placed third in the Winter X Games slope-style competition, despite a back injury. We can't work if the air conditioning's above 68 degrees.

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