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Now that Jessica Alba's expecting, it'll only be a few months before she joins these charter members of the Sexy Swollen-Ankles Club.

Halle Berry- Baby daddy: Male model Gabriel Aubry
Descriptions like "over 40" and "with child" aren't usually things we associate with looking hot, but Halle pulls off both better than anyone we've seen. Plus, we admire the guts it must have taken to walk into the maternity store and say, "Give me a big stack of the lowest-cut dresses you have."

Christina Aguilera- Baby daddy: Husband Jordan Bratman
She probably won't be getting dirty in any boxing rings for a while, but Xtina hasn't resorted to a housecoat and slippers, either. Plus, there's a good chance her doctor has told her to take out her piercings because of the bun in her oven, which is a plus for guys that aren't into body mods.

Heidi Klum- Most recent baby daddy: Pop singer Seal
Heidi has already pumped out three offspring, but each time her torso has rapidly reverted to its original toned and insanely hot state. Even when she was ultra-pregnant and hosting Project Runway—we TiVo it for the girlfriend—she was making maternity clothes look like Victoria's Secret outfits…with crotch pads.

Brooke Burke- Most recent baby daddy: French actor David Charvet
It has been well documented how much we love Brooke, even when she gets all wonky in the midsection. She is someone for whom we would be more than happy to make the long trip to the supermarket at 4 A.M. on a Thursday to get Cheetos and cookie dough.

Gwen Stefani- Baby daddy: Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale
Cute has always been Gwen's thing, so pregnancy really works for her. It just gives her more real estate to fill up with wacky henna tattoos and bracelets. Plus, it put a little color into her otherwise—and we mean this in the sexiest way possible—corpse-like complexion.

Naomi Watts- Baby daddy: Actor Liev Schreiber
Naomi has always been hot, but a little on the scrawny side for our tastes. Once she got pregnant, she carried that baby weight in all the right places (boobs).

Jaime Pressly- Baby daddy: DJ Eric Calvo
Jaime has the pregnant white trash act down to a science, and there's something really hot about that. She and her arsenal of surprisingly revealing maternity clothes were the main reasons we tuned in to My Name Is Earl before the writers' strike put it on hold. Plus, she carries her big belly and huge boobs a lot better than Elvis Presley ever did.

Monica Bellucci- Baby daddy: Actor Vincent Cassel
It probably has something to do with her Italian heritage, but Monica has never been shy about showing off her figure, and pregnancy did nothing to change that. Her nude pregnant magazine shoot made Demi Moore's look about as hot as a Cat Fancy cover by comparison.

Angelina Jolie- Baby daddy: Brad Pitt
You could put Angelina through a wood chipper and the bits that come out the other side would probably still be sexy as hell. Angelina carried her kid like a champ, even if it was a little more taxing on her body than all that adopting she had done in the past.

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