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No, watching cars go in circles for hours hasn’t got you seeing double—there really are two of them! Although NASCAR stunners Angela and Amber may look like they’re more suited for the runway than the speedway, they’re actually third-generation members of the Cope racing family. They get back on the track for the NASCAR Nationwide Series this spring, so keep your eyes on the road!

VIDEO: Angela and Amber Cope: Twin Turbos

Growing up, did you imagine doing anything other than racing?
Angela: When we were nine, our dad got us a go-kart for Christmas and thought it would just be something fun for us to do, but we took it much more seriously. We got good and became competitive, and soon we were racing day in and day out.
Amber: It was always our dream to race against our Uncle Derrike, who won the Daytona 500 in 1990. And we beat him last year!

Did you make a lot of boys cry when you beat ’em?
Angela: Oh, my God, yeah. We probably still do!
Amber: People always underestimate us because they think we’re models or something, but that just makes the victory so much sweeter.

Do you ever let the men in your lives get behind the wheel?
Angela: We’re definitely the ones driving, and when it’s Amber and me, I’m still the one behind the wheel. I was the first one to get my driver’s license.
Amber: Which is crazy, because she’s been in four wrecks and I haven’t had any!

OK, ladies, no fighting. So do you guys get a lot of terrible twin-pickup lines?
My boyfriend always says to Amber, “Do I get to see your boobs, too, since they’re pretty much the same?”
Amber: Thankfully, we have opposite taste when it comes to guys.

What are some things you two have in common?
Both of our guilty pleasures revolve around food. For me it’s hot dogs with lots of cheese. Angela’s is candy. I swear, she eats candy in bed every single night.

We know you’re great drivers. Any secret talents?
Amber: I sew blankets for puppies.
Angela: I’m probably the best beer-pong player ever.

As racecar drivers, do you think hooking up in the backseat is cliché?
Amber: I think that sounds hot! I’ve never done it, but I would.
Angela: Amber is single, guys.
Amber: Stop! See, that’s how you all tell the difference between us. Angela is the mean twin.

Birthday: August 18

Hometown: Puyallup, WA


Favorite twins: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Frequently requested autograph spot: “We sign a lot of butts.”

Angela’s off-track hobby: “I love working on cars, but I can’t beat Amber’s.”

Amber’s off-track hobby: “I take classes to be a mortician.”

The Cope Twins