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A good party movie makes you want to jet to Vegas, or at least grab a 40 oz. Producer Todd Phillips (The Hangover) inspires such behavior with Project X, out March 2. It has everything we want in a party, specifically Kirby Bliss Blanton, Nichole Bloom, and Anna Sophia Berglund.

What was this shoot’s Silly String budget?
Anna: Right? I’d never been in a fight in underwear with Silly String.
Kirby: It really got in my hair, but it was fun.

Nichole, you shotgun a beer in Project X. Was that real?
Nichole: I had to do that take so many times, I would’ve been shitfaced by the end if it had been real beer!

But you actually shotgunned each one?
Nichole: Oh, yeah. That was real. It took 20 takes. After every one, I had to take a huge burp, and then I was constantly going to the rest room.

The movie has lots of dance-floor grinding. How was filming those scenes?
Anna: I had to dance between two 14-year-old boys, and I had to sign a thing saying my butt wouldn’t touch them, for sexual harassment reasons. Their parents were there, so I’m like, “Hey, I’m gonna be air-humping your kids!”

Awkward! There was a herd of scantily clad women in the pool for what seemed like the entire movie. Did you guys ever hop in?
Kirby: I did a bit of a wet T-shirt scene. I was nervous, but then I get in the pool and there are all these other girls showing their boobies, so I felt comfortable. In fact, I almost wanted to take my shirt off just so I could be as free.

The Girls of Project X