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Exotic cars, gadgets and locales are fine, but the real reason to tune in to a Bond flick is for the foxy ladies.

4. Britt Ekland as - When you know she's hot: Bumbling through the flick's climactic scene and sitting on practically every "do not push" button in the villain's lair, Agent Goodnight is the clumsiest spy alive. But who cares as long as she's using her perfect bikini bottom to muck things up?
Why she's hot: She's Swedish. If you need any other reasons, call 1-800-INeedSomeGlasses.

3. Ursula Andress as - When you know she's hot: You gotta go with the first Bond girl's famous entrance—dripping wet and bikini clad on a deserted tropical beach in the Caribbean. It really doesn't get much better than that.
Why she's hot: Blonde, tan and looks damn good in a bikini are all the qualities we're looking for in a soulmate.

2. Halle Berry as - When you know she's hot: 40 years after Ursula Andress emerged out of the Jamaican waters in Dr. No, Halle Berry pays tribute to the first Bond girl by donning a fiery orange bikini and gettin' wet in Cuba.
Why she's hot: Umm, she's Halle freakin' Berry. Do you really need us to spell it out?

15. Maryam D'Abo as - When you know she's hot: See the dexterity that classically-trained Kara employs when playing the cello? Just saying.
Why she's hot: Perhaps the most fresh-faced gal in Bond's stable, Kara's innocence pulled at your heartstrings, while her blond locks and leggy looks pulled elsewhere.

14. Claudine Auger as - When you know she's hot: Sitting poolside and denying Sean Connery's über-suave 007, this chick was so hot she was even out of Bond's league (albeit only for a little while).
Why she's hot: The angel to Paluzzi's devil, Auger's Domino is the cutest Bond girl out of the illustrious bunch.

13. Luciana Paluzzi as - When you know she's hot: After she breaks into Bond's hotel room and goes for a soak in his tub, this curvy redhead asks 007 for something to put on and he hands her a pair of shoes.
Why she's hot: This femme fatale was bad in a good way, good in a bad way and not afraid to get naked. Now that's a lethal combo.

12. Denise Richards - When you know she's hot: Bond arrives at a former Russian nuclear facility posing as a scientist and is greeted by…holy shit! It’s the chick from Wild Things.
Why she's hot: Though she portrayed a nuclear weapons expert, this curvy babe with a fondness for tight tank tops still managed to have more in the bust department than in the brains.

11. Shirley Eaton as - When you know she's hot: While frolicking with Bond in his Miami hotel room and wearing nothing more than a shirt, frisky Jill Masterson flops down on the bed and flashes 007 the most enticing come-hither look we, or he for that matter, have ever seen.
Why she's hot: Though only on screen for a few minutes, Eaton's Bond girl was immortalized in the series' most notorious death: by gold paint. It's also what fomented our love of snuff films!

10. Talisa Soto as - When you know she's hot: We're not sadists over here, and we certainly don't condone this type of behavior, but when Lupe gets whipped by her drug kingpin lover Sanchez, she's topless. When Bond holds her captive in her yacht cabin later in the flick she's topless again, and well, that's pretty hot, too.
Why she's hot: This sultry, olive-skinned girl is one of the most exotic beauties in the Bond series.

9. Eva Green as - When you know she's hot: While Bond gambles away her government's money, secret operative Vesper Lynd keeps her eye on 007 while we keep our eyes on her slinky physique.
Why she's hot: Certainly not the bimbo type, Eva Green's Bond girl is dark, mysterious, sexy and cool.

8. Barbara Bach as - When you know she's hot: It depends-do you go for the opening scene in which Amasova's in bed in the buff, lolling with her lover, or do you opt for her slightly subtler first encounter with Bond, when she dons a killer cocktail dress? Hey, it's not a presidential election-we choose both!
Why she's hot: Despite learning that 007 shot and killed her boyfriend, this red hot Rusky was still willing to get freaky with the British assassin. Talk about priorities!

7. Famke Janssen as - When you know she's hot: A former pilot and a current member of the sinister Janus Syndicate, Onatopp (get it? get it?) busts in on Bond while he’s relaxing in a hotel spa, then attempts to kill him in one aggressive romp.
Why she's hot: As the villainess, this broad’ll kill you, but at least you get to have sex with her first.

6. Sophie Marceau as - When you know she's hot: After waltzing into a casino in a red dress and betting a million bucks on one card (which she loses), Elektra brings Bond home, pops the bubbly and, uhh, bones his brains out.
Why she's hot: The evilest of all bad Bond girls, Elektra makes strapping 007 into a sadistic Turkish torture device still look sexy.

5. Honor Blackman as - When you know she's hot: The first time she purrs out that dirty, four-syllable name.
Why she's hot: Forget subtlety, she's got the goods to back up the sexiest name in cinematic history.

1. Olga Kurylenko as - When you know she's hot: By now everyone knows that Quantum's climax goes down in Chile's desolate Atacama Desert. But despite the smoldering climate and sun-soaked landscape, nothing smolders like Olga's fiery, tank top-clad assassin Camille.
Why she's hot: This Bond babe's so scorching hot even 007 himself can't score her.

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The Top Bond Babes

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