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Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Series Babes

Jose Cuervo Pro Beach Volleyball Series babes Jess Gysin and Christal Engle share tips to help you rule the net.

Intimidate ’Em
Christal: Put the scowl on, tilt your sunglasses down, and give a little stare.

Serve Overhand
You get more power on the ball, making it harder for the other team to pass.
Jess: If you’re more advanced, go for the jump serve, which is essentially a spike.

Master the Spike
Make sure the ball is going up, not down, on your partner’s pass. Jump straight up as high as you can, then hit as hard as you can.

Block Better
Get right in front of the hitter’s arm. As they smash the ball, jump up and get your hands straight over the net.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Sandy
A full body dive is most effective to reach balls that are far away from you. Make sure your body is horizontal, then use one arm to get the ball up.

Talk Trash
People are getting too sensitive these days. Throw in some personal jabs to get the competitive juices flowing.

Follow the beach volleyball action on Twitter: @JessGysin, @ChristalEngle, and @ProBeachSeries.


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