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4 Super-Sexy Fictional Teachers

Instead of actually watching the new movie Palo Alto - which centers on a creepy affair between a high school soccer coach (James Franco) and and one of his impressionable pupils (Emma Roberts) - we're celebrating some of our favorite on-screen teachers. Did we mention they're our favorites because they're hot? Like, really hot. Don't forget your No. 2 pencils. 

Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher

What's better than having an attractive, foul-mouthed female teacher in the peak of your pimply adolescence? Having one who hosts sexy car washes and looks like Cameron Diaz. In 2011's Bad Teacher (now a TV series), Diaz played Ms. Elizabeth Halsey, a gorgeous, crude monster of a middle school teacher who was only working to pay for a boob job so she could seduce some wealthy sucker. But mean and conniving though she was, we'd endure her abuse in a heartbeat, provided she was wearing that.

Bridgette Wilson in Billy Madison

Comedy king Adam Sandler brought us to near-tears (in a good way) with his 1995 flick Billy Madison, about a 28-year-old man-child who had to repeat grades 1-12 in order to inherit his father's prosperous hotel company. Playing third grade teacher Ms. Veronica Vaughn (and Billy's eventual love interest), blonde bombshell Bridgette Wilson took interactive learning to a whole new level when she started stripping during an impromptu study session in order to help motivate Billy. On that note, we know exactly when the Spanish Armada was defeated, Ms. Wilson, so feel free to swing by and reward us anytime.

Drew Barrymore in Donnie Darko

Sure, Donnie Darko may be one of the most bizarre films ever made, but we'd watch it on repeat just to catch a glimpse of Drew Barrymore's character, Ms. Karen Pomeroy. From the moment she is introduced - perched on her desk, reading a passage from short story "The Destructors" aloud - Miss Pomeroy's obvious sex appeal is enough to make anyone pay attention in class. Even a seemingly psychotic, time-traveling outcast.

Christina Hendricks in Detachment

There's no disputing the fact that Christina Hendricks is a total babe. In the 2011 flick Detachment, she took a break from playing '60s bombshell Joan Holloway on Mad Men to play Ms. Sarah Madison. Although the film circles around a flailing high school, we'd gladly sacrifice a solid education for the chance to be in Ms. Madison's class.

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