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And Now...Sexy Girls Doing Stuff!

Check out the latest additions to our new video series, in which hot models transform ordinary activities into riveting drama. We'll be posting new ones regularly, so stay tuned. And if there's an everyday task you'd like to see a Maxim model perform on camera, let us know in the comments.

And Now: Dessie Stares at the Wall

And Now: Audra Solves a Rubik's Cube


And Now: Dana Jumps on a Trampoline


And Now: Audra Makes a Cup of Coffee

And Now: Sierra Shuffles a Deck of Cards


And Now: Bobbie Shakes OJ


And Now: Dana Vacuums

And Now: Sierra Plays with Puppies


And Now: Dessie Eats Cheetos


And Now: Sierra Plays "Chubby Bunny"


And Now: Dana Puts Her Socks On

And Now: Sierra Drinks a Milkshake

And Now: Bobbie Eats Whipped Cream


And Now: Dessie Brushes Her Hair

And Now: Audra Eats a Cheeseburger

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