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Barbie Wannabe Blondie Bennett Is Getting Hypnotherapy To Lower Her IQ

Because, clearly, that's something she needs help with.

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California cam girl Blondie Bennett has one goal in life: To be like Barbie. And while for most people that would simply mean having a car that matches their nail polish (and possibly a suspiciously fashion-conscious boyfriend with no genitals), Blondie is taking things several teetering, top-heavy steps further. After five breast augmentations - along with botox, lip fillers, and other various plastic surgeries - Blondie is now attending hypnotherapy sessions 2-3 times a week to lower her IQ. After already having 20 sessions, Blondie claims it's starting to take effect; she says she feels ditzy and confused all of the time and couldn't even remember how to get to her mother's house. What isn't clear is whether that's actually any different to the way she felt before hypnotherapy, because, come on, how to do you even go about lowering the IQ of someone whose starting point is comparable to that of a ham sandwich? The only real winner here is her hypnotherapist, who must be laughing all the way to the bank - assuming she actually has real cash, of course, and isn't trying to pay with Monopoly money.