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They say politics makes strange bedfellows. We have no clue what that means—or who the heck “they” are—but we do know that the ladies who live in and around our nation’s capital are as sexy as they come. Need proof? Then check out some of the dozens of dazzling D.C. locals who lined up to be a part of Maxim’s Beautify America tour. Especially in an election year, it’s important to put political differences aside to salute what truly makes our country great!

Jordan Michelle

Working out with Zumba

Jessica Greeves

Starbucks barista

Beisy Pizarro

Fave D.C. Spot:
Opera Ultra Lounge

Juelles Chester

Sexiest party:
Dems. "They look better in suits."

Kelly Hartman

Poker, video games

Melissa Foley

Executive assistant

Ariana Serrano

Horseback riding

Najiba Almahdi

Traveling to exotic locations

Chanae Isaac

Sexiest party:
Republican. "They heed what I say."

Brianna Barret

Fave D.C. spot:

Kelsey Zeigler

Dairy Queen employee

Editors' Pick: Elyse Dufour

Occupation: Actress-producer

Why did you decide to attend today?
As an actress, I thought I should just put myself out there and gain some confidence, even if I wasn’t selected.

You were. Congrats!
Thank you! I live almost an hour away, so the drive was worth it.

How was this different from your other castings?
Sometimes you walk into things that are sketchy, so I did bring my pepper spray. But this was really fun.

Anything you’d do to beautify the city?
Getting girls in lingerie is a good start, but I’d also plant more trees.

Is it true that everyone in D.C. is always talking politics?
My friends are young, and there aren’t many young people here! We rarely discuss politics.

Would you ever date a politician?
No. Most politicians lie, and I’m not attracted to liars.

"Light it up, baby!" shouted the photographer to the lamp.

"And here's one of me next to a hot girl eating a lollipop. Whoa, meta!"

Beautify America: Washington D.C.