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Pussy Galore [Honor Blackman, <em>Goldfinger</em>]-

Evil plot:
To help Goldfinger contaminate the gold supply of Fort Knox, by nerve gassing the entire nearby army base with her squadron of sexy pilots.

Eventual fate:
Turned to the side of good by Bond’s smooth talking ways (and skill at sex-judo in stables).

Fiona Volpe [Luciana Paluzzi, <em>Thunderball</em>]-


Evil plot: To assist SPECTRE in the theft of a couple of atomic bombs for ransom purposes.


Eventual fate:

Shot in the back by her own henchmen, after Bond, being the gentleman he is, uses her as a human shield.



Tiffany Case [Jill St. John, <em>Diamonds Are Forever</em>]-

Evil plot: To get her hands on any and all diamonds, at any cost, all while wearing as many wigs as possible.

Eventual fate: Seduced by Bond, and survives both falling off an oilrig and an exploding cake. Not bad for someone “showing more cheek than usual”.


Solitaire [Jane Seymour, <em>Live And Let Die</em>]-

Evil plot:To assist despot Kananga with his drug-running schemes by predicting his future, albeit against her will.


Eventual fate: Brought over to the side of good after “seeing a little bit of James Bond’s hickory-dickory”.



Naomi [Caroline Munroe, <em>The Spy Who Loved Me</em>]-


Evil plot: To blow the crap out of Bond and Agent XXX from the safety of her well-armed helicopter.


Eventual fate: Blasted out of the sky by a well-aimed shot from Bond’s Lotus Espirit S1, in submarine mode.



May Day [Grace Jones,<em> A View To A Kill</em>]-

Evil plot: Acting as an assassin and general hired muscle for Christopher Walken’s awesome Max Zorin.


Eventual fate: After taking a ride on the 007 Schlong Express, she sacrificed herself to both save Bond and prevent Zorin destroying a mine, going up with a big, big bang.



Xenia Onatopp [Famke Janssen, <em>Goldeneye</em>]-

Evil plot: To assassinate anyone asked of her by Janus, suffocating them to death with her super-strong thighs.


Eventual fate: Crushed to death against a tree after Bond takes out the helicopter she was rappelling from. No more foreplay!


Elektra King [Sophie Marceau, <em>The World Is Not Enough</em>]-

Evil plot: To manipulate former captor Renard into blowing up a nuclear sub.


Eventual fate: Shot point blank by Bond after taunting him for his inability to shoot her point blank. Bit of an unfortunate miscalculation, really.


Miranda Frost [Rosamund Pike, <em>Die Another Day</em>]-

Evil plot: An MI6 double agent, frigid Frosty aides Gustav Graves in his attempt to rule the world with his satellite super weapon.


Eventual fate: Stabbed through the heart by Halle Berry, getting skewered onto a copy of Sun Tzu’s The Art Of War for good measure.


Vesper Lynd [Eva Green, <em>Casino Royale</em>]-

Evil plot: To…trick James Bond because someone kidnapped her boyfriend, only he wasn’t really her boyfriend? Or something?


Eventual fate: Voluntarily drowned in a sunken elevator, presumably to escape having to see any more of Bond’s badly bruised balls.


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