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Brooklyn is Burning

Sink your teeth into summer by sinking your eyes into more of Brit Bliss!

As mentioned last week we flew our favorite blog hottie to Coney Island for a day of searing photos and unprotected skin. Sweeter than ice cream and more fun than the Cyclone, Brit's only competition was the sun, for sheer hotness. (I still think she's the one responsible for my sunburn.)

Enjoy these bonus pics then click like a maniac through her Girls of Maxim gallery.  It doesn't stop there—her videos are as intoxicating as the boardwalk beers sold to Coney's unemployed early morning crowd.  See them here!

Photographed for Dennis Digital by Kelly Stuart | Copyright 2007 Dennis Publishing, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Check back as I post more of my favorites that didn't make it into her gallery!