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Gina Ruggieri's Anti-Douchebag Tips

Gina Ruggieri, winner of Maxim’s Bottle Service Beauty Search at Tao Beach in Vegas, explains how to rock a table without looking like a douche.

Dress right.
“People try to get into clubs in sweatpants; that’s obviously a no. If you have nice jeans, shoes, and a button-down shirt, you should be OK.”
Eat first.
“Guys will party all day, nap, then come to the club. I wouldn’t suggest that, since most clubs do not serve food. Don’t be the guy who throws up.”
Call your bank.
“We decline credit cards every night. Your bank will put a hold on it because they’ll think it’s fraud. It’ll put a huge glitch in your night.”
Respect your server.
“Remember that this is our job every night. We’re not there celebrating your bachelor party. Go hit on the drunk girls.”
Ask and receive.
“We’ll get girls to your table. Guys might want tall blondes, short brunettes, or a mix. I do give the girls a rundown of the guys, by the way. Us girls have to stick together!”

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