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These ladies are ready to tell you how to get into their, um, hearts.


Abby Elliott
"A sense of humor is really important in a guy. I don’t necessarily need to date a comedian—though I have, and I probably will in the future."

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Brit Morgan-

“Anyone who has, like, a blue-collar, rocker vibe. That’s automatically a turn-on for me, but the guys I date are usually very funny and super smart and, you know, definitely have a nerd in them. I like that, though!”

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Claire Coffee-

“I like difficult and ambitious guys, where I'm not the priority in their life. I hate that I like the chase! But I think I have a whole new take on relationships: If you find someone who makes you laugh and you can stand to be around in the morning, you're doing way better than most.”

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Jackie Gordon-

1. "Make me laugh."
2. "Make me feel special. Your eyes should not be wandering."
3. "Don't be afraid to show me off."
4. "Challenge me."

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“Come up to me and be real. I can't stand it when guys start pouring out the corny lines...If you're always looking at your phone, just walk away. Oh, and if you call me JWoww, I'm gonna cut you off, 'cause you're only talking to me because I'm on a TV show.”

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Natalie Martinez-

“I’m a tough cookie, so I need a man’s man who is independent and outgoing. Jealousy is probably my biggest turnoff. That and being a bad kisser.”

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Selita Ebanks-

“I like diamonds and all that, but I don’t need that shit. You don’t have to be rich, just driven and always trying to be better. If you’re striving to be a better man, I’m going to try to be a better woman. Success breeds success. If I’m at work all day and you’re at home scratching your ass watching Jerry Springer, that’s not going to work. Again, you don’t need to be rich, but I don’t want to pay for the trip to St. Bart’s every time.”

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