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Helpful Hottie: Persephanie

2013 Hometown Hotties finalist Persephanie Lesperance is now taking your questions.

What’s one place not to take a girl on vacation?
—Jordan Sutton
Grandma’s house! Taking her to meet your family isn’t a vacation. 
How can I tell if the cake my girlfriend served me is really homemade?
—Kyle Dunn
If the frosting is impeccable and the layers are completely even, it’s not her handiwork. Dump her immediately. 
What’s a good second language to learn?
—Scott May
Go with French. It’s a lot hotter than a guy speaking high school Spanish.
How do I get over my fear of caterpillars? 
—Max Green
That’s ridiculous. Visit a butterfly sanctuary and you’ll see that there’s nothing to be afraid of.
How many times can I wear the same pants before washing them?
—Ken Graham
Twice. But if you have to ask, throw those pants in the laundry right now.

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