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Hey, Amanda Bynes, Listen to Your Own Advice!

When Amanda Bynes appeared on our cover three years ago, she told us some stuff that she should be paying attention to today.

Photo via Twitter/AmandaBynes 

Here at Maxim HQ, we love Amanda Bynes. We grew up with her on All That and The Amanda Show, we secretly watched She's the Man and What a Girl Wants, and we think Easy A is a damn funny flick. We even named her "America's Sweetheart" when she graced the cover of our February, 2010 issue! So we're feeling a little bummed that she seems to be spiraling out of control lately. After posting a couple of semi-nude pics on her Twitter feed last night, rumors began to circulate that police were called to her house over concerns that she might hurt herself. While she claims this never happened, and that she is totally fine, we still can't help but worry about the beautiful former child star. That's why we dug through our archives and found the transcript of the interview that accompanied her Maxim cover shoot. Turns out, she said some stuff way back then that that she really should be paying attention to now.

She shouldn't Tweet private thoughts.
"The things I Twitter about are the things I'd say on David Letterman or in Maxim. It’s the stuff that I would say if I was doing an interview."

She should have kept maintaining a low profile.
"I don’t want to be photographed. There are some girls who want it, but when I go out, I try to go in the back."

She should have stayed friends with Perez Hilton, who she's been feuding with.
"We're friends. He came to the set of What I Like About You. I think he’s funny. I look at him as someone who created himself. He’s got a voice and people listen to him. He’s the most respected out of anyone in that field."

She should have kept her hair and make-up team.
"There are times when I'm gonna look horrible, and that makes me appreciate when my hair and makeup is done and I look good."

Finally, she should have listened to her parents.
"My parents kind of wish I didn’t have a Twitter. But it’s for people who are my fans. If you’re not my fan, don’t go on my Twitter."

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