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These gorgeous ladies are spilling the beans on their secret girl crushes. We promise not to tell!

Adrianne Palicki
"I think Eva Mendes is gorgeous. Angelina Jolie’s stunning. Gwen Stefani is pretty sexy, too. Pink! Is it weird that I have a crush on Pink? I have a crush on some women who I actually think might be interested in doing it."

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Cameron Diaz-

Mila Kunis is a little hottie. Natalie Portman is amazing…and the Victoria’s Secret girls!

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Danielle "Topanga" Fishel-

"Kelly Kapowski [Tiffani Amber Thiessen] was my first-ever girl crush."

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Dominique Storelli-

"Mila Kunis - she's my girl crush for sure."

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Elisabeth Harnois-

"Alyssa Milano. I worked with her on Charmed, and we had a scene where she was supposed to catch me. She literally caught me by the boob!"

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Hometown Hottie Ashley-

"Chanel from Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory! Besides being totally hot, she's hilarious and has no filter."

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Natalie Martinez-

"Oh my God, I could give you a whole list! Kate Moss and Rachel McAdams are definitely on there."

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Nicole Scherzinger-

"Halle Berry. She's just naturally gorgeous...I love her smile. Wait I sound like a dude; I've got to snap out of it!"

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Hot Girls With Girl Crushes