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Cameron: <em>Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles</em>-

Between her and Kristanna Loken in T3, we're kind of hoping the machines win. 

Rosie: <em>The Jetsons</em>-

This buxom, eager-to-please droid is the one home appliance about which George never yelled, "Jane, stop this crazy thing!" 

The Stepford Wives: <em>The Stepford Wives</em>-

These busty subservient cyborgs are sexually compliant and have the capability to cook a mean roast. As if that isn't a good enough reason to worship them, the majority just so happen to look like Nicole Kidman and Faith Hill. Double score!

Annalee Call: <em>Alien Resurrection</em>-

Of course we've always been Winona Ryder fans - even when she went through that whole kleptomaniac phase - but when she cut off all her hair and entered the world of extraterrestrials, we fell in love all over again. Even with her schoolboy 'do, Call was the Alien flicks' hottest nonhuman. (Sorry, Alien Queen!)

Maria: <em>Metropolis</em>-

This gold-plated goddess from Fritz Lang's 1927 silent sci-fi film was one of the first robots to appear on-screen. Besides impersonating the real Maria, this first-ever fembot spent her time inciting working-class riots and baring her tin cans for a topless dance. Frankly, you had us at "gold-plated."

The Fembots: <em>Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery</em>-

When the Austin Powers series first debuted in theaters, audience members found it pretty impressive that Mike Myers played most of the characters on screen. But to us, what was even more impressive was the clan of hot blonde robots with killer boobs (get it?!). 

Number Six: <em>Battlestar Galactica</em>-

We flip on the SyFy channel for two reasons: To watch awesomely awful movies like Sharknado, and to watch re-runs of Battlestar Galactica and admire the ingenious physique of Tricia Helfer's character, Number Six. A cunningly coldhearted Cylon informant, Number Six poses as a human, uses her sex appeal to coax defense secrets out of Dr. Baltar, then flees the scene like a perfect con woman. Unfortunately Baltar's menacing hookup cost billions of lives, but at least he can say he scored an interstellar hottie. 

Pris: <em>Blade Runner</em>-

Three words: "basic pleasure model."

The Terminatrix: <em>Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines</em>-

Although she's the most remorseless robo babe on this list, there's just something about the T-X's ability to shape-shift into anyone she wants that flips our switch. 

Lisa: <em>Weird Science</em>-

Über-geeks Gary and Wyatt hit the male-fantasy jackpot when they use their computer to create Lisa, a woman with the brains of a nuclear physicist and the sexuality of an insanely hot nuclear physicist. So it makes sense that the boys capitalized on their creation by bagging Robert Downey Jr.'s mousy girlfriend. Unfortunately our adolescence wasn't as privileged.

Seven of Nine: <em>Star Trek: Voyager</em>-

We've always loved a good episode of Star Trek: Voyager, but what really made the show was this Borg babe, Seven of Nine. Her form-fitting catsuits were enough to make us sit through a 48-hour marathon.

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