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We’re helping the unemployment problem by hiring one gorgeous model employee at a time. You’re welcome, economy!

VIDEO: Check out our office assistant in action

Tell us a little bit about your qualifications.
I’ve been modeling for about two and a half years, ever since I moved to New York. I originally came to the city for a dance competition and went around to some agencies for the heck of it, just to see if I could be signed with one—and I was!

Any other notable work experience?
I’ve never had an office position, but when I was growing up I was a hostess at a restaurant. It was probably the worst job I’ve ever had, because I hate standing around in one spot for hours and not doing anything.

How did your day at the Maxim office go? Great! I made copies, delivered the mail, licked some envelopes, poured some shots. I’ve had some creepy casting experiences, but I had a blast today. All the guys were trying to be good and not look at me when I was walking around in my underwear.

Yes…it was very distracting. You look great!
Thanks! I take dance classes, Pilates, and yoga, and go to the gym.

How can guys approach you when you’re off-duty?
I love guys who can make me laugh without trying too hard. What I don’t like is when guys touch me without permission! Recently this drunk guy had his hands all over me, and I had to get the bartender to come over and pretend he was my brother. I was like, “Watch out! My brother’s gonna pound you!”

That’ll do the trick. What else do you do in your free time? I just started a ballroom-dancing class. I also play the violin. When I tell people, they’re like, “Are you serious?” My friends call me a pocket nerd, but I take pride in that!

Name: Audra
Birthday: December 28, 1989
Hometown: Grand Haven, Michigan

Go-to drink: “The Sidecar. It’s cognac, triple sec, and lemon juice with a sugar rim, and it’s delicious!”
Embarrassing iPod song: “¿‘My Heart Will Go On’ from Titanic. Yeah, that’s on there!”

VIDEO: Check out our office assistant in action

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