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We're helping the unemployment problem by hiring one gorgeous model employee at a time. You're welcome, economy!

Today you were put to work as our Photo Assistant. What exactly did that entail?
Well, I had to make sure the model was camera-ready, so I picked out the lingerie she would need for the shoot. Then I curled her hair, put lipstick on her, put lotion on her body…

Doesn’t sound like hard work to us!
It’s definitely fun being on the other side of the camera. I love doing photo shoots, but I also like helping girls out.

When you’re the one modeling, what kind of stuff can we see you in?
I have a background in pageantry, but now I actually do a lot of fitness competitions—I just won the model and bikini divisions of the Musclemania Empire State Championships! It’s sort of like bodybuilding without being super buff, just toned and having great poise.

No wonder you’re in such great shape!
I run a lot and do yoga and Pilates. If I’m prepping for a fitness event, I’ll work out hardcore every day. I love competition.

Do guys get insecure about their bodies in front of you?
The men at the fitness competitions are really into themselves. They don’t even notice that women are there! But everyone is really helpful, giving you pointers on how to better yourself.

Are you attracted to those body­builder types?
No. I’m not into guys who are very buff. That’s gross. I like a guy who’s cut, but he’s got to look natural and healthy.

Name: Johanna Sambucini

Birthday: January 30, 1987

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York, by way of the Dominican Republic

Embarrassing iPod Song: “I have the soundtrack for The Lion King. I love Disney songs!”

Go-To Drink: “I don’t drink alcohol, so a banana-pineapple smoothie.”

Favorite food: “Chicken parmesan or rigatoni pomodoro.”

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate-covered strawberries

Celebrity Crush: Johnny Depp

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