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We’re helping the unemployment problem by hiring one gorgeous model employee at a time. You’re welcome, economy!

Why do you think you’re a good fit for Maxim?
Besides the fact that I’ve been modeling since I was 13, I follow all sports, especially basketball; I love the Celtics! Plus, I’ve always been a fan of Maxim, so I would love to work for the magazine.

As you see, we have a slightly different dress code than other companies.
I thought it was very Sex and the City, picking up lunch orders and moving boxes in nothing but a jacket with a sexy outfit underneath. My only other office job was as a tele­marketer. But selling time shares and cold-calling people just to have them hang up wasn’t my thing; I quit at the end of the day!

Maybe it would have been a greater success if they could’ve seen who was selling the product!
Right? I tried putting on my sexy voice, but it was still just like, click. I didn’t do well with over-the-phone rejection.

How do you spend your weekends?
I’m a spokesmodel for Falken Tire, so I tour across the U.S. with them and get to go to all the supercross and motocross events, which are a lot of fun. When I do have downtime, I love hanging out with friends, trying new restaurants, and shopping, of course!

So no time for boys?
I need someone who’s a go-getter, because that’s what I am. I want somebody who’s just as passionate about career, life, and goals as I am; sitting on the couch watching TV all day is not going to work in my world.

Any additional skills we should know about?
I can do backflips, but that hasn’t gotten me any jobs yet. I also box three days a week, so I could probably take someone out…but I wouldn’t!


Name: Carissa Rosario

Birthday: June 28

Hometown: Boston, Mass.

Surprising hobby: “Most models don’t like to get dirty, but I love four-wheeling.”

Go-to drink: “A Ketel One martini, lightly shaken, no vermouth, with fresh lemon on the side.”

Last Meal: “Sushi from Japan and red velvet cake from Cake Man Raven in Brooklyn.”

Worst introduction: “Excuse me, can you pick up my heart? Because when I saw you it stopped and fell on the floor.”

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