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We’re helping the unemployment problem by hiring one gorgeous model employee at a time. You’re welcome, economy!

VIDEO: Check out Mary in action!

How was your first day of work here at Maxim?
Today I was put to work in the IT room doing a lot of tech stuff, figuring out some wiring. Sadly, I’m not com­puter savvy at all; I can’t even work my BlackBerry!

Oh, no! Hopefully you weren’t too traumatized.
It was fun! Everybody was laid-back. I’ve worked at places where it wasn’t like that. Probably the most scarring job I’ve had was working as a Christmas elf at Macy’s. I was, like, a foot taller than the rest of the elves, so they kind of ganged up on me, and then all the fathers would comment on my height.

VIDEO: Check out Mary in action!

Would you say that’s the worst job you’ve had?
It’s up there along with working as a shot girl in college and doing body painting for makeup shows, walking around and looking like an avatar.

But a really hot Avatar! How do you stay in such great shape?
I love jogging around the city, strength training, and yoga. I tried a Pilates class on the chair that has all the springs and the pulley, and I flipped off!

VIDEO: Check out Mary in action!

So you’re not looking for a Pilates instructor…what’s your type?
Just a good guy. Someone who’s a genuinely good person, a hard worker, and somebody I click with. Arrogance is a huge turnoff. I’m such a dork. Does this sound terrible?

Not at all!
Honestly, I’m a total good girl. I go to bed early, don’t smoke, hardly drink, love to read… I’m just very, very good.

VIDEO: Check out Mary in action!

Name: Mary O’Rourke

Birthday: March 25

Hometown: Roseland, New Jersey

Last meal: “A Pinkberry frozen yogurt with coconut shreds.”

Most Embarrassing iPod Songs: “I love all that female-empowerment Lilith Fair stuff.”

Go-To TV Show: “I try to play Jeopardy!”

Go-To Drink: “Coffee if I’m up past 10.”

VIDEO: Check out Mary in action!

VIDEO: Check out Mary in action!

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