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Maxim's Interview With June Cover Girl Heather Graham

Heather first floored us as Corey Haim’s object of desire in the 1988 teen comedy License to Drive. (More like License to Drive Us Wild, right?) More than two decades and many memorable films later, from Swingers to Boogie Nights to Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, she hit Vegas to play Jade, a stripper/call girl/clue in the mystery of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis’ mind-bending weekend. The Wolfpack has once again reunited and find themselves in another serious bind in The Hangover Part III. We caught up with Heather to chat about revisiting Jade, her costars, and a very special pair of skates.

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So how did you find out you would be reprising the role of Jade?
[Director-writer-producer] Todd Phillips sent me an e-mail! It was really fun to see everyone again; it felt a little like a reunion. Everything’s different in a way, because the movies they’ve done since the first Hang­over have all been so successful, but everything’s also exactly the same.

Does the Wolfpack get in touch for Hangover-style benders now and then?
I never drink, so I doubt that they would be calling me if they were. I’m so tame.

Hangover plots are among Hollywood’s best-kept secrets. What’s it like to know what everyone wants to?
They wouldn’t let me read the script at first, and when they did it was top secret! They have me so paranoid about saying anything; it’s like being in the CIA or something.

Was it different playing Jade another time around?
Night and day. My character is completely different and in a totally different circumstance. She’s not a stripper anymore.

We heard you thought it would be fun if Jade got pregnant and did a lap dance. Are you bummed you missed your chance?
I still wanna do that! Wouldn’t that be funny? So disturbing.

Being on set with folks like Zach, Ed, and Ken “Chow” Jeong, have there been any moments you just lost it?
In a movie you do it over and over, so at a certain point, even if you were laughing, when you’ve done it six times, you’re not anymore. But you know that one line that Zach has in the first Hangover where he goes, “I didn’t know they gave out rings at the Hol­ocaust”? That one makes me laugh so hard. It’s so stupid.

Hangover Part III’s tagline is “It all ends.” Really?
They say that, but you never know. In five years maybe they’ll be like, “Let’s make another bajillion dollars. I spent all that money!” But Todd probably can’t spend all that money because he made a lot.

So you don’t really party much now, but do you have any crazy Vegas stories?
I’m not really a big Vegas person. I’m more, “Let me go to a yoga retreat and do yoga three hours a day.” I’ve definitely gone and partied, but I kind of hate Vegas, to be honest. It’s kind of disgusting.

How do you feel about guys doing yoga to get girls?
I mean, if it gets them into yoga and they’re better human beings from it…There are so many hot girls wearing tight clothes, so if guys are pervy, it can make it really uncomfortable.

Have you donned a pair of roller skates since playing Rollergirl in Boogie Nights?
There was a roller rink party I went to a few years ago, and I fell. Someone was like, “Oh, my God. Rollergirl just wiped out!” I also have a pair from the movie in an alcove at my house, but I haven’t put them on in a while.

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