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We got more than we bargained for when we ordered a hot lunch! Meet our new lunch lady. 

VIDEO: Meet Our Office Nutritionist

What was the most popular lunch item today?
The hot dogs disappeared quickly, but the office went crazy for the strawberries with whipped cream, which was the healthiest item on the menu.

Did you sample the items you served?
Of course! Not to mention I stayed up all night baking that cake. Today I didn't even have time to sit down and eat lunch. The guys kept yelling out orders, and I was running around all day. 

Maybe all the second helpings had something to do with your outfit?
Maybe. You know what? I thought I saw one guy sneak a hot dog into his drawer!


Is there anything you plan on adding to the Maxim menu? 
I like to bake, so next time I'll bring some of my signature chocolate chip cookies...but only if you guys behave. 

Have you worked any other jobs in the food industry?
Actually, my worst job was working the drive-through at McDonald's. I couldn't stand the uniform. Maybe they'll institute some changes after they see what the Maxim lunch ladies wear.

What can a guy do to get you to make him a home-cooked meal? 
Well, I seem to be into the good boys, and they'll usually end up getting breakfast in bed.

VIDEO: Meet Our Office Nutritionist

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