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Regardless of what our hot new clairvoyant  says, things seem to be looking up!

What was the energy like at the Maxim office?
Great! But I’ve never seen more naughtiness and hidden agendas in people’s eyes.
Evil agendas?
Oh, no. I mean guys were pretending to look into the crystal ball but were really staring at…other things. 

Your bracelets, obviously. So what do you see in the editors’ future?
They’ll have to make sac­rifices to stay with their queens—their girlfriends.
You mean they’re fat and need to lay off the wings?
Well, maybe a little.

Can you see your future?
No. All I know is, after work  I’m watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

What’s coming up for the Kardashians?
I’m one of those people who love to hate them, but I have a feeling that Kim and Kanye’s baby is going to be president one day.

We can only pray your powers of prediction are off on that one.

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Office Assistant: Fortune Teller Samantha