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We can’t tell whether it’s better to be naughty or nice when it comes to Santa’s new helper...

So what’s the verdict? Are there bad boys or good boys in the office?
The staff was nice, but there are definitely some cheeky ones in the bunch. I caught a few peeking.

What were some big gift requests this year?
I think the most popular request was just to sit on my lap! Once they took a seat, most guys asked for sporting goods and tech stuff, but others froze up and looked a bit terrified.

Don’t worry, you’re definitely not as scary as the Santa at the mall.
I doubt I’d get as many visitors as him. I probably wouldn’t get too many women sitting on my lap, just high school boys and dads who are shopping without the moms.

As for the single guys, were there any you’d take under the mistletoe?
Oh, maybe one or two. I liked the guy who showed me how to use the beer funnel, except I may have poured too much down for him. I didn’t grow up with those in Germany!

What kind of guys do you usually go for?
I love men who look healthy and fit, and I love nice teeth. Good dental hygiene is actually a huge turn-on for me, so I would definitely slip a toothbrush and some toothpaste into everyone’s stocking.

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Office Assistant: Santa's Helper Carina