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Apologies to the green M&M, but we’ve got the hottest mascot around.

What do you think of the Maxim mascot outfit?
Well, half of it is goofy and the other half is sexy, so I think it definitely fits the brand!
Do you think you had a positive effect on the guys in the office?
Yeah, everything from the neck down may have been a little distracting for the employees, but it did cheer them up. And that’s the point of a mascot: to boost morale and get people amped.


Apart from your mere presence, how did you accomplish that?
Just cheering everybody on with pom-poms, throwing glitter and shooting T-shirts out to the staff, dancing like a fool—all the traditional mascot duties, I guess.
Did any editors look particularly depressed before you got here?
I don’t know how you could be sad in this office. Everyone is so laid-back, and there are scantily clad models running around and bottles of liquor; it doesn’t really even look like work.


Can you not tell our boss that? What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?
I once had to pass out flyers on the street for a medical office. It was a really awful experience. Everyone would hurry past and ignore me.

That’s very difficult for us to believe, but this outfit may have come in handy!
Exactly—specifically the bottom half. I don’t know if the medical office would be packed, but I’d defi­­nitely be out of flyers!


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Office Assistant: Team Mascot Jennifer