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Honey Ryder [Ursula Andress]-


Introduced completely wet, in a white bikini, on a deserted beach in the Caribbean, it’s safe to say we fell in love with the tan blonde within those first few milliseconds

Jill Masterson [Shirley Eaton]-


Before being smothered by gold paint, the frisky blonde walked around Bond’s Miami hotel room in only a shirt. If only she lived for a little longer!

Domino [Claudine Auger]-

We were loving her sexy attitude when Domino denied the ever-smooth Sean Connery/James Bond, but also couldn’t blame her when she eventually fell into his bed.

Goodnight [Britt Ekland]-


Maybe Agent Goodnight isn’t the best spy in the world, but we forgive this Swedish beauty as soon as she walks on-screen in that perfect bikini.

Major Anya Amasova | Agent XXX [Barbara Bach]-


Initially being introduced nude, rolling around with her lover, then encountering Bond in a slinky cocktail dress, it’s easy to adore this Russian beauty.

Lupe Lumora [Talisa Soto]-


This exotic babe seems to be topless at the most inconvenient times. But hey, we aren’t complaining.


Dr. Christmas Jones [Denise Richards]-


We don’t care if this nuclear weapons expert was lacking a little in the brain area. She made up for it…elsewhere

Jinx Johnson [Halle Berry]-


Donning a fiery orange bikini in tribute to the beautiful Ursula Andress, she definitely did the babe justice as soon as she walked out of the water.

Camille [Olga Kurylenko]-


One of the few to not see the inside of Bond’s sheets, this scorching hot Bolivian national kicks major ass despite her compromising positions.

Severine [Berenice Marlohe]-

A former prostitute seeking solace in Bond from her abusive boyfriend, the Parisian goddess is bound to be the best part of Skyfall.

Sexiest Bond Girls

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