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See why we'd tip these servers generously!

4. Tara Conner- The former Miss USA was busy refilling cups and wiping down tables as a waitress in Kentucky.

3. Eva Mendes- Eva sold hot dogs on sticks at the aptly named Hot Dog on a Stick in SoCal's Glendale Galleria Mall.

2. Barbara Mori- It was while waitressing that 14-year-old Barbara was spotted and invited to work as a model by fashion designer Marcos Toledo.

10. Amy Adams- After graduating high school, Adams donned the famous Hooters orange hot pants for three months to acquire funds for a car.

9. Rachel McAdams- Before starring in Wedding Crashers, Rachel smoked up the fry station at a McDonald's for three years in high school.

8. Gwen Stefani- There is no doubt that Gwen pumped soft-serve and mopped floors at a Dairy Queen. Invented B-a-n-a-n-a-s Blizzard.

7. Jennifer Aniston- Carried burgers and beers to yuppies on New York's Upper West Side. Dated clientele, slept with Lumbergh.

6. Jenny McCarthy- This former Playboy centerfold singled out customers as a deli waitress on the south side of Chicago.

5. Leona Lewis- She melts us with her lyrics now, but before hitting it big, Leona was melting cheese on pizzas while working at Pizza Hut.

1. Megan Fox- Before there was Transformers, there were side orders for this smokin babe, as she served at a diner in her hometown.

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