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PETA may be looking for the sexiest vegetarian next door, but we've already got a full helping of these celebrity herbivores. 

4. Petra Nemcova- She reportedly became a vegan because she "wanted to set an example and help save ocean life." She's also the most forgiving woman on the list, since the same ocean life almost killed her in the 2004 tsunami.

3. Shannon Elizabeth-

The American Pie alum and professional poker player went green to keep her body from going all Doyle Brunson on her.

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2. Alyssa Milano-

She doesn't eat meatballs, but she starred alongside one for nine years on Who's the Boss?

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1. Natalie Portman-

The object of every nerd's fantasies has been a herbivore since she was 8 years old, even coming out with a vegan collection of shoes. Believe us, they fit better than they taste.

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9. Sophie Monk-

Eh, guess when you're Australian and the only meat around is dingo, you learn to get by on eucalyptus leaves.

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8. Rachael Leigh Cook- You haven't heard much from her lately, but it's not because she's been holed up in her house pounding brisket. (It's why you haven't heard from Rosie O'Donnell lately.)

7. Joss Stone- She's got the voice of Aretha, the body of Christina, and the rumen of a Holstein cow.

10. Kylie Bax- If she's this hot from just vegetables, imagine what a little gristle would do to shine up her coat.

6. Pamela Anderson-

We don't blame you, Pam—we'd have given up meat, too, if we had to digest all that Hasselhoff beefcake.

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5. Avril Lavigne-

Hollywood's seventh most powerful Canadian (above Rachel McAdams, but right below Wolverine) would rather eat celery than salami. That's s-o-o-o punk.

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