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Using Mexico's Cinco de Mayo holiday as our excuse, here are the caliente-est señoritas we could think of.

Dulce María- Along with Anahí, Dulce María was part of the pop group RBD made popular by the Mexican teen drama series Rebelde and not by the band's unofficial slogan, "You down with RBD? Yeah you know me!"

Gaby Ramirez- We honestly have absolutely no idea what Gaby is famous for, but Mexican magazines and TV shows keep showing her and we keep drooling. Therefore, here she is.

Ana de la Reguera- The Penelope Cruz doppelganger made a splash with her American debut as a sexy nun in Nacho Libre. We have yet to say enough Hail Marys to make up for all of the naughty thoughts we had while watching the movie.

4. Eva Longoria-

You've seen her on Desperate Housewives, courtside at Spurs games, and fixed atop Maxim's Hot 100 for two consecutive years. Frustratingly, the only place you haven't seen her is trying on bikinis in your living room.

Check out more of Eva's Maxim photo shoot!

6. Paulina Rubio- Her nickname, the Golden Girl, might cue bitter visuals of Betty White. But you kids saw right past that and voted for her despite her perfectly bronzed skin, sexy moves, and totally non-raisin-like body.

Camila Sodi- The niece of fellow Sexy Mexy Thalía, Camila has enjoyed moderate success as an actress and model, but the wonder of motherhood has put her career on hold for the past two years.

Ana Talancon- Confessing to us that she once owned three dolphins, a monkey and a tiger, Ana is no stranger to living on the wild side: She got her big break playing a schoolgirl who has an affair with a priest in the controversial film, The Crime of Padre Amaro.

Aleida Nuñez- The Mexican starlet may have only gotten second place in the 1994 Nuestra Belleza Guanajuato competition, but it proved to be the the first of many stepping stones to becoming a telenovela mainstay.

Maite Perroni- You didn't think we were done with RBD, did ya? Maite was the third female member of the Latin Grammy-nominated pop group and has since gone on to a mildly successful Mexican movie career. Okay, now we're done with RBD.

7. Thalía- This multiple Latin Grammy and Latin Billboard Awards nominee is also known as the "Queen of Telenovelas." Which is made more remarkable by the fact that every woman in Mexico has, at some point in her life, starred in a telenovela.

8. Mayrin Villanueva- It was at one time rumored that Mayrin would be the next Bond girl. That job has since gone to Ukrainian-model-turned-actress Olga Kurylenko, but we don't know why they can't share the role. Dos is company!

Sugey Abrego- Remember that time you accidentally stumbled upon one of the Spanish TV channels and a woman wearing a cleavage-enhancing blouse and booty shorts was doing the weather? Well, that was probably Sugey.

1. Jessica Alba-

Little surprise here. Preggers or not, this Mexican-French-and-Danish bombshell is hotter than jalapeños doused in napalm. At least that's what we're led to believe after she raked in over 40 percent of your votes.

See plenty more from Jessica Alba—the hottest mexican woman!

Elsa Benitez- The Mexican supermodel has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue and currently hosts Mexico's version of America's Next Top Model. Oh, and she defied death in 1996 after missing her plane, TWA Flight 800. Ever heard of it?

5. Anahí- She is most known for her role in Rebelde, a Mexican...wait for it...that's right, telenovela! The show, which starred her and the other members of the pop group RBD, relied heavily on English-language phrases for humor. Ay, caramba!

Kate Del Castillo- Following her requisite roles in several Mexican telenovelas, Kate introduced herself to us Yankees with American Visa, playing a prostitute-stripper. Yep, that got our attention.

Liliana Dominguez- The up-and-coming Chihuahuan (it's a state as well as a dog!) hottie has graced the covers of magazines and has walked on fashion runways around the world. She also appeared in Jay-Z's music video for "Change Clothes," which we're hoping was a directive to wear her birthday suit.

3. Ninel Conde- There's never been a better reason to score a passport and learn Spanish than this local soap star. Well, besides the eminent recession and irritable bowel syndrome.

Daniela De Jesus Cosio- Looking at her makes us think we've died and gone to Heaven. It's no wonder she has "Jesus" in her last name.

9. Marlene Favela- At five-foot-nine-inches, this gorgeous model has appeared in 14 telenovelas (Latin-American soap operas), placing her among the rarified air of, oh, let's say Charo and the guy who dresses like a bee.

Paulina Flores

Adriana Fonseca- The star of the Mexican film 7 Mujeres, 1 Homosexual y Carlos hasn't really gained much notoriety in the States...probably because of roles in movies called 7 Women, 1 Homosexual and Carlos.

Daniela Gonzalez- Daniela was our pick for Miss Mexico in 2006 and was not shy about explaining how to wine and dine her: "By day, I would take you to lunch and the real Mariachi experience in Guadalajara. At night, we would dance for hours, drinking Tequila." Ole!

2. Salma Hayek- Her upcoming project has her voicing a dog in Beverly Hills Chihuahua, but here's to hoping she'll get back in front of the camera soon. Why? Her roles frequently have her yelling sternly in fluent Spanish. Feisty!

Paloma Jimenez- The fashion model is probably familiar to most for being Vin Diesel's gal pal. If we weren't convinced he could benchpress our whole editorial staff at once, we'd fight him for her.

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